Zhenbeitai of Great Wall (Pacify the North Tower)

There is a saying comparing the Great Wall to a giant dragon, with the head at the Shanhaiguan Pass and the end at the Jiayuguan Pass. 'So where is the heart of the dragon?' you may ask. 'Zhenbeitai, also called Pacify the North Tower in English', definitely, either because of its location or because of its military importance, Zhenbeitai all fully deserves the title of 'the Heart of the Great Wall'.

Located three miles north of City in Shaanxi Province and lying at the top of Mt. Hongshan, Zhenbeitai is the biggest city terrace on the Great Wall. Built in the year 1607 in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), it originally served as an observation post for maintaining order at the Horse Trade Market where the Han people and the Nomadic people carried on business transactions. The tower measures over 98 feet tall and has four levels. There are stone sidesteps leading to the higher levels. The whole tower is built by laying grey bricks. There is a stone plaque mounted on the arch door of the second floor, inscribed with two big characters 'Xiang Ming', meaning 'facing the brightness'. This was written by Tu Zongjun, the provincial governor at that time.

Standing on Zhenbeitai Tower and taking a panoramic view, the landscapes are different on the inner and outer sides of the Great Wall. To the north is continuous desert, presenting a lonely and desolate prospect. To the south of the great Wall are areas of growing woods, part of the 'Three North' (the north-east, north and north-west parts of China) sand-break forests, presenting a scene vibrant with life.

0.6 miles southwest of Zhenbeitai, is another famous scenic spot - Hong Shi Xia (Red Rock Gorges), where inscriptions are carved on cliffs. These two attractive places of interest are regarded as the symbols of City.

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