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Under this disclaimer, the "Viewer" means the one who uses any kind of browsers to view WebPages of Nouah's Ark, and the "Poster" means the one Who uses the free WebPages provided by Nouah's Ark to upload by itself any kind of advertisement about its products. Both Viewer and Poster shall Include natural persons, corporations, or other entities which are given, or are recognized as having, legal personality by any law of any country or Territory.

A- The Viewer has already fully understood and agreed that Nouah's Ark only provides searchable trade information and that Nouah's Ark does not directly Provide products concerning any of such trade information, and therefore does not guarantee the legality of the products.

And that your use of the site will be limited only to the legitimate purposes, and you will refrain from sending or broadcast any material from this site, including but not limited to any material was an article comment video images that would prejudice or infringe on the rights of others or to prevent or limit use of this site, or that is illegal, or to threaten or abuse or slander or defamation, slander, or infringement of the privacy of others, or copyright of others, or obscene words, or harm to the religions and sacred or inviolable, or any other reason unacceptable, or that would become comfortable to commit a crime or offense involving an act or result in criminal liability and / or civil or where the violation of any law

The Viewer has already fully understood and agreed that Nouah's Ark only provides searchable trade information and that Nouah's Ark does not directly Provide products concerning any of such trade information, and therefore does not guarantee the legality of the products.

The Viewer has already fully understood and agreed that Nouah's Ark merely provides free web pages for the Poster to upload by itself the information Of the desired advertisements, products, contents and company profile. The Poster shall be solely liable for the legality of the content of the advertisement And product. Although Nouah's Ark has already requested the Poster to warrant that the content of the advertisement uploaded by the Poster shall never Encroach on patent, copyright and other rights of any third party nor violate any laws, including but not limited to, Fair Trade Law, Consumer Protection Act, etc., in case the content or product of the posted advertisement violates any law or encroaches on rights and interests of any third party, the Poster Shall assume all legal responsibilities so incurred.

Intellectual Property Rights Notice

All copyrights and other intellectual property rights of content on this Nouah's Ark Web Site (URL: http://www.nouahsark.com, hereinafter referred to As "Nouah's Ark site"), except the pictures and other related product information uploaded by others in the area for uploading, including but not limited to The design of web pages, trademarks, service marks or methods of data searching, are reserved by Nouah's Ark. (hereinafter referred to as "N.A."). All Rights said above are protected under Copyright Law and other laws concerning intellectual property rights of Republic of China and international treaties.

In case any user of Nouah's Ark Site (hereinafter referred to as "User") has any question on the identity of the proprietor of any intellectual property right, It shall contact N.A.in advance at: services@nouahsark.com

Without permission of N.A. or the proprietor, the User shall never use any content of Nouah's Ark Site in any manner, nor shall it have any of such Content stored on any publication, web site, or any searchable system or the like.

N.A. agrees that the User, only for purposes other than commercial use, may download and print out all or any part of the content on Nouah's Ark Site.

"In any manner" set forth in Article A- includes but not limited to the means of written forms, electronics, mechanics, audio recording, and video Recording or otherwise.

use" specified in Article A- includes but not limited to reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, exhibition, performance, publication, Authorization, creation of derivative works, assignment, sale or otherwise.

N.A. agrees that the User may only create a hyperlink to Nouah's Ark Site in text form, for purposes other than commercial use, such as browsing, Searching, etc. However, in case the User would like to create a hyperlink to Nouah's Ark Site in graphic form, or would like to create any kind of Hyperlinks for purpose of commercial use, it shall notify N.A.in advance for approval.

To apply for approval of creating a hyperlink to Nouah's Ark Site, please contact us at: admin@nouahsark.com

The User agrees that all disputes or controversies, arising from this notice or related intellectual property rights of N.A. shall be governed by the laws of The Republic of China, and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Taiwan Taipei District Court for the first instance.

You expressly agree to use this site at your own risk, and bear all risks associated with it, and agree that Noah's Ark or any member of its Board of Directors or its employees or agents or persons who provide the material in this site or who measures the licensing of the site of use or any of them do not make any guarantees that the service on this site will be uninterrupted or error free, or that any defects which may exist will be corrected, or that the site be presented or the way it is presented free of viruses or pest programs

Reserves "Noah's Ark" were involved in the membership of the operation of equipment, databases and systems for the protection of highly efficient, and you agree that the site retains your personal information and use by the divisions concerned. You agree that the site does not assume, nor in any way, responsible for the leakage of part or all of the common data member resulting from (without limitation or restriction) of burglary and vandalism by the attackers and intruders on the Internet. And also agree that the Site or any of the officials does not assume responsibility for damage or loss of this data for any reason. As You agree to enter data in your site without any charge, and you agree to the right location to stop providing free of charge to subscribers of membership at any time and without warning or prior notice

Do not bear the site, "Noah's Ark" or any person involved in the preparation, production or distribution of any material on this website no responsibility for any damage directly or indirectly, material or moral resulting from the use of this site or from the inability to use or from any error or deletion, defect, or where there is lack of accuracy of the information provided by or from any results stemming from this damage.

And remember the words of God

((not a word does the utter but there is a sentinel by him. {to Not It}..))

((He utters not a word but there is by him a watcher at hand..))

((He uttereth no word but there is with him an observer ready. .))

In case there are versions of this notice in different languages, the English version shall be governed.

For more informations please visit Policy Statement

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